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VWN Company Information


The Virtual Worldlets Network was founded by a small group of people who desired an end to the separist movement inside the virtual reality sphere. Some of our long-term members have spent years within one area of VR or another. It is the goal of this organisation to collect and collate all the information we can on different technologies, methodologies, paradigms and skillsets, with the goal of producing distilled information for any purpose.

We pride ourselves on our up to date knowledge on the state of the VR and AR fields. Our staff keep on top of any new developments, and the current possibilities for the modern VR world. Dealing with everything from window on world (WoW) technologies, through fully subversive display systems, and cross industry techniques our staff are ready to advice on a vast range of current possibilities whatever you would like to use a system for.

If you need it, someone has built it

Its an incredibly frustrating feeling. You have just poured a significant size budget, along with substantial development time into creating a prototype virtual environment for your purposes. You complete it, and launch.

Success is?significantly less than your worst case scenario, and you soon discover that someone else walked the same path before, finding solutions to problems you are encountering, and running afoul of others you were not aware of yet.

In the best case scenario, they are marketing a competitor to your product, one they have had time to really refine and polish, and for less than the funds you continually pour into development.

In the worst case scenario, their market strategy proved flawed, and they sank beneath the surface. You discover you are following the same path, and by this stage there is very little you can do about it.


There is a better way.

If only you had known about those libraries earlier, or been aware of the existence of that surplus texture library from a cancelled project going at knockdown price...

The big guns push the bleeding edge, whilst everyone else is left with a bewildering array of technology to choose from. So much in fact, that it is very easy to make a costly mistake.

We are here to help. Working as external consultants, contact us to enquire about pricing, we can guide you and your team through the options available today, and those upcoming in the near future.

We constantly monitor and cross-check hundreds of sources to be aware of exactly what products are on offer by whom.

We monitor the bleeding edge of different technologies, from gaming to education, military and medical. We can provide details of abilities your team, working in your specialist area, were likely unaware even existed.

We can work with your staff in total confidentiality to optimise your virtual reality requirements, show shortcuts and deliver systems already in existence to meet your requirements, integrating them together smoothly.

More than that, we are aware of a great many failed projects, and more importantly, WHY they failed. With our help, you can side-step many issues before they even arise, and enter the market ready, and prepared for practically any eventuality.

This is expert help you cannot afford to ignore. Contact us to see what we can offer YOU.