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VWN Company Information


Our goals are multifold, yet focused, key to our vision, and our mission. In good time we look forward to accomplishing the following:

Short Term

To provide a comprehensive consulting and partnership development service, acting as a go-between for companies in industries desiring to stay out of the limelight of each other.

To cater for every technological demand of the smaller VR players.


For our public media wing, www.virtualworldlets.net to achieve dominance as the primary source for cross-industry knowledge of utmost quality and respectfulness.

To successfully pioneer the new markets opening up for virtual reality and augmented reality systems, resulting in quality products to redistribute.

Long Term

To shepherd in the onset of truly immersive VR, and the development of VR solutions to many physical problems.

To bring significant resources to bear on new holistic projects for the VR markets, and to sweep VR into everyday life.