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VWN Company Information

Mission Statement

Our role as a primary support company for artificial realities and virtual worlds is to work to bind together different facets of the same gem, to be the glue that holds diverging fields together. We look upon our scope as the entire field of VR, and strive to bring collective order to chaos. It is the mission of VWN to tie technologies, to bind products, and to help every willing person's desire to shape our real future.

R&D is our primary market, we strive to bring the research, and discoveries of divergent fields together, to act as an intermediary and to bind. We serve as the independent glue between games companies and corporate trainers, between medicine and 3D chat, between education and the arcades, always striving to present seemingly incompatible technologies in their true form, as valuable aids to one another, and offer our expertise as glue to bind together.