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VWN Company Information


With the increasing spread of influence and intertwining of virtual and synthetic reality technologies, it is perhaps prudent that we clearly define the scope of our business operations.

The following outlines break down our operation areas:

Cultural Reference of VR and Influences of VR upon Culture

A new area we are examining, this side of things is investigative reporting and collating primarily, at this time, until or unless we find another way to utilise the growing knowledge bank. It includes every cultural reference to virtual reality we can find, including the cyberpunk strata. Stored in our databases, and cross referenced, we are starting to showcase examples of how virtual reality and its associated fields are helping to shape society and culture in the mainstream. This may be helpful in general trend spotting, and other data mining techniques.

Virtual/Synthetic/Artificial Reality Development and Deployment

Our core area of expertise, concentrating on working with research institutions, utilising our own and outside laboratories for the betterment of VR hardware and software development both for individual clients, and for information development to aid outside efforts. We work frequently within this area, to create interface bridges between differing VR systems, to document such bridges, and share data with relevant parties. A measure of the information from this area, notably whatever it is no-longer necessary to protect due to non-disclosure agreements, or that no-longer withheld out of courtesy to protect business models until established, becomes available for general public consumption from this site.

Sensory and Bodily augmentation or replacement

One area we have worked with for a number of years now, is research and development towards prosthetic pieces of the body, interfacing with the human nervous system. Stemming perhaps from the human desire for a better body, and from the considerable percentage ? close to 90% - of our workforce who are, or have been significantly disabled in one physical manner or another. Our work here has been directed at making the physical a person was born with, really not matter in the slightest, at all.

We will always investigate any system which attempts to augment the sensory system, or replace a non-functioning sense. Utilising knowledge from VR interfaces, and from other sensory systems, when we work with other parties, it is to do our utmost to provide the data they require from all manner of fields, preferably taking a subset of the data garnered, as part of the payment, which is used again, and again, aiding other projects.

Content Deployment for Virtual Environments

A virtual environment is pointless if it is a blank construct. Full sensory involvement with nothing to do, would be as close a definition of hell as is possible, without invoking religion. We work with individual world owners, and development teams, providing content, advising on themes, and in working with third party developers to form connections neither would have left to their own devices.

Some of the fruits of this labour, are presented upon this site, either for free, or minimal cost.

The Development of Alternate Lives

Linked somewhat to our sensory augmentation work, and also to content deployment, VR systems work and medical technology, we are one of the few VR firms actively working to aid the development of the ability to live a life via a completely immersive VR interface over a significantly extended period of time, including ultimately, an entire lifetime.

The reasoning behind this is multiple, but in general, revolves around finding places in society for those who feel they have no place, or who cannot fit in due to physical disfigurement, mental differences, or prolonged, suicidal depression.

Whilst we do on occasion look at charity work within this sphere, more so than any other, this is not a bottomless pit in which to pour finances, but a viable business section we are developing, with solid financial prospects, in addition to the added benefit of bringing the potential for a productive life back to those who have lost hope.

Business, Legal, Moral and Ethical issue awareness and resolution

Currently, our considerable resource investment in this area is yielding little business return for us, however, that is not going to stop our involvement in these fundamental, long-term issues and trends.

Work in this area is entirely for community benefit, in attempt to document issues that arise.

We strive to take note of new business opportunities for which we ourselves are poorly positioned to exploit, but which others can benefit the field of VR in general by undertaking.

We work to promote cognition and discussion on upcoming moral and ethical quagmires in VR and related fields, before they are a reality, to prepare the community for their effects.

Legal issues tracked and recorded, precedents noted and investigated, as we attempt to show how the laws of the older institutions are merging with the activities of the new, the virtual.

Augmented Reality and Sensor Web Development and Deployment

Augmented reality is essentially the melding of virtual reality sensory data and graphics with physical reality\\\'s physical constructs, blending the two sets of information together as one to create an augmented reality.

As such, a virtual reality firm is fundamentally in a good position to take advantage of much of the need for AR. Where AR innovation is required separately, is in technologies to actually mesh the two sets of content together, and feed it to the senses. We work with outer organisations, and monitor global developments which may be of assistance, in creating such interfaces.

The sensor web is part of the necessary backbone infrastructure for augmented reality in general - a ubiquitous mesh of sensors, internet connections, hotspots, and data transmission paths, that covers every aspect of our lives. We are involved in the formation of this network, from uncountable numbers of smaller networks together with systems we propose for potential needs we discover.

Individual Virtual World Monitoring, Developing, and Investigative Reporting

We keep an eye on individual virtual environments that show promise in one field or another. Some are multi-user, some commercial, some purely for research or training. In general these are those kept out of mainstream media, and deliberately so. Where possible, we analyse them, investigate their potential to alert others, via this site, or other reporting channels.

Frequently, we work with the development staff of individual projects to guide or consult, helping to shape the formation of new worlds, and the retasking of old.


In addition to the above, we have forayed into the following areas. However, it should be noted that none of these are within our core expertise areas, and are only utilised when they are of benefit to the above operations. Additional uses of the following, outside our operational areas, are ignored:

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Life
Emergent Formulaic Creation
Brain Operational Research
Medical Discoveries
Standards and Standardisation
Entertainment based Video Gaming
Serious Games
Power Consumption & Carbon Footprints