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 Frederik Pohl's Passing

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Date posted: 04/09/2013

On September 2nd 2013, at age 93, Science Fiction grand author Frederik Pohl passed away.

Pohl was the writer of many great hard-core sci-fi stories – stories using realistic extrapolations of technology. His “The Age of the Pussyfoot” novel published in 1965, covered the 'joymaker' communication device, which bears a striking resemblance to today's smartphone, and the way that device's always-on computing connectivity fundamentally altered every facet of society.

In many ways his work was as one of the first true cyberpunk authors, and one who help craft early ideas of the technological singularity and the truly ground breaking ways computing technology would affect every facet of our lives.

As our news source puts it:
I called Fred the "essential" science fiction author. In much the same way that the other "pole" of science fiction -- Poul Anderson -- was the greatest natural storyteller I ever knew, Fred Pohl was the SF writer who cared most about the gedankenexperiment or what-if thought experiment. Fred would start with a question: "what if ____?" and fill in some fascinating possibility. Only then the magic would ensue as he fleshed out a vivid world of possible consequences from that one whatif -- consequences that might be good, bad, and weird, but always strikingly plausible.

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