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 Advanced Speech Encoding

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Date posted: 31/05/2005

DARPA is working on a system it calls Advanced Speech Encoding, or ASE, which is designed to reduce the number of bits required to transmit voice signals over a data stream. The immediate effect this technology could have is obvious ? it frees up space on the data stream for other data transfer, something in a great deal of demand as virtual reality systems become more and more complex.

The ASE program?s goal is to have recognisable speech transmission in as little as 300 bytes a second, which does of course greatly reduce clarity, and will be a lossy format. However, the voice signals produced will still be machine-recognisable, and understandable by military personnel or voice recognition software ? what they are saying rather than who they are.

The technology also means that battery power can be extended on wireless computers as the lower bit rate requires less power to transmit.

Perhaps more importantly for virtual reality systems, this technology works to reduce speech to its lowest common denominators ? a sound which can be correctly interpreted for what it is trying to say by computer system. Thus it should be possible to re-augment the speech by other technologies, which would have a common base to work from to transform your own speech into that of an orc, dragon, or sentient computer.

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