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 Eve Online goes free to play

This story is from the category World Specific Developments
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Date posted: 16/11/2016

Eve Online is making the biggest change in its 13-year history, by going free-to-play.

In its latest update, called Ascension, it is introducing an innovative new system for opening up the world to non-paying users. A new class of player, dubbed “Alpha Clones”, will be able to sign-up without paying the monthly subscription fee, currently £9.99.

In exchange, these players receive a more limited account than the paying players, rechristened “Omega Clones”.

The move is in part a response to changes in the gaming market, where free to play games are dominating mobile gaming and subscription-based gaming revenue has all but dried up.

The space-based sim, often jokingly described as “spreadsheets and spaceships”, has a unique set of problems compared to most of its competitors. Eve is almost entirely player-driven, with huge player-led “corporations” providing the driving force of the world’s intrigue and excitement.

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