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 Cardiff Uni bid to create osteoarthritis 'smart patch'

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Date posted: 04/02/2017

Scientists are hoping to create a smart patch which could detect the early onset of osteoarthritis in patients' knees.

Cardiff University's team uses damage sensors from aircraft wings to catch subsonic cracking sounds in joints before the disease fully develops.

They believe a disposable patch using them could save expensive diagnosis and treatment of advanced osteoarthritis.

A cheap screening tool is "the holy grail", they said.

Dr Davide Crivelli, of the School of Engineering, said: "The idea has got huge potential to change the way we diagnose osteoarthritis (OA).

"If we're able to link the sound signature of a healthy knee and a knee with disease, we will be able to lower the costs on society a lot."

He said he was "pretty confident" the patches could be widely used within a decade.

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04/02/2017: Cardiff Uni bid to create osteoarthritis 'smart patch'

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