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 SpaceXform(TM) , by Visual Technology Services, allows visualisation users true 3D motion interaction

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Date posted: 21/07/2005

(Press Release) True 3D interaction is now enabled for data visualisation, allowing users to fly ?inside? complex 3D structures using 3D gestures. Visual Technology Services today announces the SpaceXform plug-in module for AVS/ExpressTM (from Advanced Visual Systems Inc.), allowing researchers greatly improved navigation capabilities through complex fields of data using direct 3D manipulation rather than awkward, counterintuitive traditional 2D mouse movements. Visual Technology Services has developed the plug-in for both academic and commercial users of the popular AVS/Express data visualisation system. The plug-in allows users to connect 3D motion controllers from 3Dconnexion (a Logitech company), such as SpacePilot?, SpaceBall?, SpaceMouse?, SpaceTravelerTM, and the CadMan?.

"I am very pleased that a 3D motion controller plug-in is finally available" says Frank Arnott, Managing Director of IGM Ltd., UK. "Our GeoExpress application has needed full 3D control capability because we have experienced geologists and geophysicists navigating through combined 3D geological and geophysical structures with a 2D mouse and loosing orientation control. We have already started using it on African mineral and petroleum field projects where we can see a marked improvement in productivity. The ability to still use the 2D mouse in GIS mode while using the 3D motion controller for orientation control is an excellent benefit."

The SpaceXform is now available to a user base of over 1000 users of AVS/Express in Japan, Europe and the USA. ?We have noticed that users of visualisation systems are frustrated by using two-dimensional mouse operations to control 3D viewer windows?, notes Ian Curington, CEO of Visual Technology Services. ?Using a conventional mouse, each change from rotation to zoom mode requires extra mouse clicks and awkward mouse movements. These extra movements interfere with researcher?s concentration on their important data. To my knowledge this is the first 3D motion controller module for all AVS/Express users.?

SpaceXform is a true 3D motion controller module that allows faster, smoother interaction with AVS data sets in a natural and realistic way using the industry standard 3D motion controllers. Users can now manipulate their visualisation with one hand while making changes to parameters with the other hand. This enhanced ergonomic design reduces wrist stress and provides button short-cuts to functions that are used repeatedly.

The plug-in module is available immediately or optionally bundled with a 3D motion controller.

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