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 AUIC 2006 - Seventh Australasian User Interface Conference

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Date posted: 10/08/2005

The 7th Australasian User Interface Conference, to be held in Hobart, Tasmania on 16-19 January 2006 is a technology-focused forum for user interface researchers and practitioners from Australia and New Zealand, and throughout the world. The conference, which is one of several conferences that constitute the Australasian Computer Science Week, provides an opportunity for workers in the areas of HCI, CSCW, and pervasive computing to meet with colleagues and with others in the broader computer science community.

The conference welcomes original papers and short papers describing research or innovative practice. AUIC invites participation and submissions from researchers and practitioners with an interest in techniques, tools, and technology for improving user interfaces over a wide range of areas, including the following:

* User interface architectures, tools, techniques, and technology.
* Innovative applications and user interfaces, including VR, multimedia, and adaptive interfaces
* Distributed interfaces, including the World Wide Web
* Ambient and highly mobile devices (PDAs, wearable computers)
* CSCW, group work, groupware, and computer-mediated human communication
* HCI education

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