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 VirTra Systems Enters manufacturing agreement with Sanmina-SCI

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Date posted: 24/08/2005

(Press Release) VirTra Systems, Inc. announced a preliminary manufacturing and marketing agreement with Sanmina-SCI, a leading global electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company.

The companies recently executed a memorandum of understanding to form an exclusive business relationship, under which Sanmina-SCI would provide manufacturability analysis, bid proposal and marketing support, and manufacturing services for the production of VirTra Systems' advanced military training simulators.

"We are excited about the opportunities provided by VirTra Systems' new IVR 4G(TM) simulator and we expect to excel within this segment of the defence market," said Steve Roser, vice president of business development for Sanmina-SCI's Defence and Aerospace Systems division. "VirTra Systems' simulation technology is a perfect complement to our Defence and Aerospace Systems division. With demand for military virtual reality simulators rapidly accelerating, we believe the market for VirTra Systems' IVR 4G simulator products will be considerable."

"This partnership with Sanmina-SCI enables us to greatly increase short-term production capabilities while ensuring large multi-system purchasers of timely delivery with a top-tier, world-wide support infrastructure," commented L. Kelly Jones, VirTra Systems' chief executive officer.

"An absolutely critical issue from our perspective is Sanmina-SCI's emphasis upon, and track-record of delivering, exceptional customer support. Projected sales of our IVR 4G simulator and related accessories will require additional production and support capabilities during 2005 and beyond, and Sanmina-SCI is the ideal partner to assist us with this projected growth," Jones concluded.

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