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 Simulation of Mechanical Systems

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Date posted: 05/09/2005

Simulation of mechanical systems

Mechanical systems simulation has always typically been a primitive branch of simulation. Individual moving parts have long been simulated working together, but a complete working engine in real-time for example, has not been possible.

Now, Jos? Javier Gil Soto, Assistant lecturer at the Public University of Navarra, has undertaken a study on the simulation of mechanical systems. This has focussed on the creation of a new symbolic mathematical language derived from the MatLab-Maple symbolic engine, a heavy-duty calculus modelling engine. The new language 3D_Mec-MatLab allows dynamic equations for a mechanical system, breaking it down into equations that can be easily number-crunched.

The advantage provided by this algebraic system is, given its symbolic character, it is independent of the type of co-ordinates used. Thus, the set of dynamic equations obtained is more compact and suitable for the simulation of dynamic systems in real time.

The research team at the Public University of Navarra is currently working with 3D_Mec-MatLab to develop a dynamic model for a fork-lift truck that interacts with a virtual reality system. The fully simulated with every moving part fork-lift is to be modelled in such as way that the dynamic equations can be resolved at the same time as the user interacts with the truck (turn the steering wheel and it responds exactly as it should, internally and in actual movement for example).

The work has been presented in the thesis ?Preprocessor for dynamic simulation of multibody systems based on symbolic algebra?.

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