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 Gamer Pays 100,000 Usd For A Virtual Resort

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Date posted: 27/10/2005

Anyone remember ?Project Entropia? last year? They hit the headlines with the ?scandal? of a player paying $26,500 for a virtual island. It seems they are out to do it again.

With the sale of the Space Resort, that world record (noted in Guinness World Records), is broken, and a new one is set at $100,000 usd. Film-maker and director of the movie "Hey DJ!", Jon Jacobs was the winner of this auction for virtual real estate. The auction began taking bids on the 21st of October and just three days later its buyout price was met. The final bid was the astonishing amount of $100,000 US, the largest amount ever spent in the massive multiplayer online gaming space.

The Space Resort provides a good business model. It would have to, as it cost more than most small businesses make in three years. Boasting such facilities as a 1000 Apartment complex, Commercial Space Ship Docking, Themed Shopping Mall, and a Mega Stadium for championship sporting events, the resort also contains a night-club, amphitheatre, lounges, and ten biodomes for creature hunting. Mining and PvP fighting areas are available.

?The sale of the Space Resort, which met final buyout bid in just three days time, shows that the awareness of investing in virtual universe really has exploded! The Project Entropia participants see this extension of the virtual universe as a natural next step in an online community,? Marco Behrmann, Mind Ark Director of Community Relations, says, ?This is an enormous validation that Project Entropia leads the way in future online entertainment and business.?

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