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 Immersive Media Corp. Provides Immersive Technology for Behavioural Healthcare Research

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Date posted: 01/11/2005

(Press Release) Immersive Media Corp., has announced a research collaboration with the Pacific Telehealth & Technology Hui (the "Hui") located at Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, HI.

The Hui acquired an IMC Telemmersion System to support the advancement of video technology in the development of virtual reality applications.

IMC's Telemmersion System will support the Hui researchers' efforts to design photorealistic immersive environments to be used in behavioural healthcare as a complement to traditional treatments.

"The immersive movies may potentially be used as a distraction during painful procedures, an effective tool in reducing phobic fears or nicotine craving, or treating other types of behavioural health conditions," said Dr. Sarah Miyahira, VA Pacific Islands Health Care System and Hui, Director of Intramural Research.

Dr. Raymond Folen, Tripler Army Medical Centre, Department of Psychology, added, "These immersive environments present an opportunity for us to create photorealistic, full motion environments and move in a different direction from the computer generated imagery that has been used in the training and simulation world."

The Telemmersion System captures a full motion spherical world, complete with directional sound, that can be experienced live or in a recorded format. "IMC is pleased to support the Hui's research in the field of virtual reality for behavioural healthcare," stated Myles McGovern, President and CEO of IMC. "Their selection of IMC's Telemmersion System in this capacity reinforces our belief that immersive movies create a photorealistic environment that puts the viewer in the centre of the action, this is a critical step in the acceptance of our technology in the training and simulation or ultimately the gaming world."

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