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 Usefulness of virtual reality discussed

This story is from the category Sounding the Future
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Date posted: 13/02/2006

Last Monday, seventh of February 2006, the audience got a crash course in virtual reality during Iowa State University's Presidential University Lecture.

ISU Professor Carolina Cruz-Neira presented an overview of the leaps and bounds of the field made over the course of a decade.

In a lecture dubbed, "The Wonders of Virtual Reality: A Research Extravaganza," Cruz-Neira explained that virtual reality has passed the realm of just being a "wow" science and an aesthetically appealing technology to now becoming a useful application for researchers.

"We went from 'what could it be' to 'Here it is, use it,'"

"We are in new territory, finally, after all these years of working with this technology, and numerous possibilities are yet to be tapped?

"You can drive a car before you buy it ...You can look at a drug for a disease before it gets to producers," she said. "We have the base, now let's do it."

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