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 Speedy robot legs it to break record

This story is from the category Artificial Intelligence
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Date posted: 06/04/2006

"RunBot", a two-legged robot that walks at record-breaking speed has been developed by researchers from Germany and Scotland.

30 centimetres high, it can walk 3.5 leg-lengths per second.

The robot is controlled by a simple program that mimics the way neurons control reflexes in humans and other animals. Unlike most other two-legged robots, RunBot has few sensors and can detect just two things ? when a foot touches the ground, and when a leg swings forward.

"We wanted to show that a very simple system with a simple neuronal controller could walk in a natural manner ? and fast," says Florentin W?rg?tter, from the University of G?ttingen in Germany.

"Most walking robots don't work like this," W?rg?tter says. "They have more complex control and monitoring over the movement of the robot."

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