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 Cheetah3D 3.3 now available for graphics rendering

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Date posted: 23/06/2006

(Press Release) Cheetah3D 3.3 has been released. Version 3.3 adds many new features like rendering depth of field. When depth of field is enabled distant objects or objects which are very close to the camera will appear blurred. This will allow you to render even more realistic scenes. This update also adds a "blue print" object which makes working with blue prints and sketches a child's play. Under the modeling tools the "UV unwrapping" tool has been enhanced. Now it is possible to unwrap just a certain polygon selection and not the hole mesh at once. Last but not least this update contains many small bug fixes and UI enhancements.

Changes since the last update:

* Added ray-traced depth of field rendering
* Added "Depth of field" tag
* Added "blue print" object
* Added "background image" property to camera object
* Added partial UV unwrapping
* Added record all parameters "via double click" on record button
* Added FOV zoom (hold "SHIFT" key while dragging the zoom camera toolbar icon)
* Added "Sampler" property to "Renderer preferences"
* Fixed Script tag "editable" bug
* Fixed Script object "copy&paste" bug
* Fixed auto-highlighting bug (no longer selects hidden polygons)
* Fixed bug in .3DS loader
* Fixed memory leak in script environment
* Fixed bump mapping bug (with radiosity)
* Fixed caustic bug (light could pass through nontransparent objects)
* Other small bug fixes and enhancements

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