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 LightWork Design releases LightWorks 7.6

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Date posted: 26/06/2006

(Press Release)Easier Photorealistic Image Creation With LightWorks

SHEFFIELD, UK (26 June 2006) - LightWork Design, supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software, has today released a new version of LightWorks. LightWorks version 7.6 has been eagerly anticipated and this release adds a number of enhancements to the LightWorks product with a focus on making the creation of photorealistic imagery even easier.

Key developments within this latest release include:

Final Gather
Final Gather is a major enhancement to the LightWorks Global Illumination product which improves both the quality, performance and ease of generation of images. There is no longer a need to be an expert in rendering, users can simply press a button and LightWorks will calculate the lighting automatically.

Enhanced Development Framework
A key feature of LightWorks is the ability to integrate it within applications. LightWorks 7.6 is even easier to integrate and customise, extending the Company's commitment to providing a development framework that enables the rapid implementation of easy-to-use applications.

New Platform Support
Support for a number of important new platforms has been added in LightWorks 7.6, including Microsoft Visual C++ version 8, support for 64-bit Microsoft Windows on Intel and AMD, and Mac-Intel Universal Binaries for Macintosh OSX.

Andy Chapman, Managing Director of LightWork Design commented, "Working with our customers has confirmed that the use of physically accurate scene components such as lights and materials actually makes applications easier to use. Our latest release embraces this concept and concentrates on enhancing not only the quality of images created but also simplifies the processes to obtain them."

LightWorks 7.6 offers many other improvements including enhancements to LightWorks Real-time and a range of new materials shaders.

See the full Story via external site: www.lightworkdesign.com

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