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 Renault Integrates Panoramic HMD into Driving Simulator

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Date posted: 29/09/2006

Renault?s new driving simulator owes a lot to aircraft flight simulators. It is intended to be just as realistic. Codenamed ultimate, the Renault simulator is the world's first fully realistic road vehicle driving simulator for industrial use.

The compact lightweight mechanical structure consists of a generic car cockpit, a panoramic display, and driver-access systems, mounted on an extended motion system that enables full simulation of acceleration - such as violent changes of direction.

"We needed a high performance head mounted display system in order to fully utilise the simulator?s potential in the study of improving vehicle and road safety thanks to the enhanced visibility conditions offered by new vehicle architecture solutions.", says Dr Andras Kemeny, head of the Renault Technical Centre for Simulation and Renault's expert in driving simulation and virtual reality.

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