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 IBM returns to CES with a line of VR products

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Date posted: 08/01/2007

After ten years away, IBM is returning to the 40th Annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this month, with many essential technologies for video gaming, virtual reality and wireless communication.

"It's been a decade since we last had a huge presence at CES. Since that time, we've made dramatic changes in how IBM reaches the consumer market," said Hal Lasky, Vice President, Consumer Industry, IBM. "Today, we are collaborating with clients in highly targeted industry segments like consumer electronics, medical, aerospace and defence, and next generation networks, to give clients access to the intellectual property, engineering expertise and industry know-how that will enable them to bring better products and solutions to market more quickly."

At the IBM Pavilion # 36631 Las Vegas Convention Centre - South 4, the company will showcase a variety of client products and technologies throughout four zones including:

* Experience the Science of Gaming: IBM engineers, designs and manufactures the customized chips and processors for all of the next generation gaming consoles. IBM's booth will have the Microsoft Xbox 360?, Nintendo Wii?, and Sony PLAYSTATION?3 on display for trialand fun. IBM executives, who were responsible for collaborating with all three companies, respectively, on developing the brains of these gaming platforms, will be present to provide insight and analysis into the science behind gaming today.

* Explore the Virtual World: This exhibit offers a hands-on opportunity to experience the possibilities for business growth and efficiency in virtual worlds, including viewing IBM's own presence there. 3D Internet,'Second Life' and Virtual Worlds are growing technology platforms that more clients are investigating, bringing virtual reality to life. Attendees can interact in a virtual intra-world and view the progress of multiple virtual 'Second Life' worlds.

* Encounter Designs of the Future: More than a dozen different client examples of cellular handsets, medical devices, speech recognition and speech translation solutions built on IBM innovation, technology and engineering will be showcased. The more unusual products to be demonstrated at the booth include the Xing karaoke devices and a cell phone clipping service.

* Hear From IBM - Innovation, Expertise, and Everything In Between: The IBM Theater will provide regularly scheduled presentations about how IBM innovation leads the way in consumer electronics -- from 'smart homes' to smart consumers. Speakers will talk about how IBM collaborates with its clients to enable them to gain market leadership.

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