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 Virtual Reality Lab May Help With Speech Therapy

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Date posted: 07/02/2007

Case Western Reserve and the Cleveland Hearing and Speech Centre are experimenting with a total-immersion surround VR lab, as a tool to truly help children with speech disorders communicate in the outside world.

Basically, the lab is a C6, or CAVE VR room.

The CAVE VR interface is a physically constructed cubular ?room? in which all the walls, and sometimes floor and ceiling, function as the monitor. Up to six different projector systems backlit the display surfaces with background scenery and interactive elements projected life-sized. The different display surfaces work together, scaling and proportioning their elements correctly so the corners and edges virtually disappear, and the user in the middle of the space, sees everything in the proper perspective.

In this case, the CAVE interface displays shops, everyday scenes, and uses NPC characters on the walls, talking to the child, to ween them into how to respond in life. One scenario produces a CGI McDonalds, and the child has to interact with the employee to order a meal.

Out of sight of the child, standing in the CAVE environment, Project developer Doctor Stacy Williams is using a terminal interface to control the NPC?s responses.

"We can actually create any type of training situation with the touch of a button."

"It's a safe environment. It allows them to practice and they can do it over and over again."

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