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 Release of Cheetah3D 4.0

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Date posted: 13/04/2007

(Press Release) Cheetah3D 4.0 was released at the end of March. The fourth major release of Cheetah3D finally offers character animation tools. With Cheetah3D 4.0 you can now easily animate characters for creating your own 3D short films.

New features in Cheetah3D 4.0:

* Character animation tools
o Joint based skeleton system
o Forward kinematic (FK)
o Inverse kinematics (IK)
o IK constraints
o Joint tool
o Vertex weight painting
o Take manager to record independent animation clips
o Poser manager to record often used poses for later usage
o Morph targets for facial animation and muscle animation
o FBX animation export/import
* UI enhancements
o completely new designed icons (by Frank Beckmann)
o group different views to a tab view
o multi object selection support in object browser
o tag copy & paste
o group & ungroup objects
* Modelling tools
o new transform gadget
o new ruler tool
o accelerated SDS modelling on multi CPU Macs
* Renderer
o Support for Macs with up to 8 CPUs
* dozens of other small features and enhancements

See the full Story via external site: www.cheetah3d.com

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