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 Robots to Guard Israeli Border Kill Zone

This story is from the category Artificial Intelligence
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Date posted: 08/06/2007

Israeli Defence Forces are deploying automated weapon robots along the border of the Gaza Strip to create a buffer kill zone to prevent any human crossing.

The system, called the "See-Shoot" system, is currently being installed and will be fully operational by the end of 2007.

Fully automated weapons stations with lethal rounds and tracking capabilities are networked together right along the border, and connected via a command system, to visual, ground and airborne sensor nets.

Eventually the See-Shoot system will be able to operate as a completely autonomous closed-loop system. But for now, soldiers will monitor the sensor data and a commanding officer will approve activation of the automated kill function.

Eventually they plan on adding anti-tank missiles, and allowing the system to define and shoot at it?s own targets without human interference, meaning that every animal, bird or person, as well as every description of vehicle entering within one mile of the border of the Gaza Strip is likely to be fired upon until it stops showing any signs of life.

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