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 Training Simulation That Works. In Second Life

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Date posted: 25/06/2007

How many times have you seen a project hit a brick wall of teams' inability to work together: from mild cases of overblown ego and tug-of-war to vicious in-fighting? Some folks think these problems can be fixed with just a little bit of extra of communication and explanation. Dr. Alex Heiphetz, President of Delta L sees it differently. "Building a team from people who likes working with each other is obviously the best scenario," says Dr. Heiphetz. "If it is unavailable, serious teamwork training is in order." These concepts were the foundation of Delta L designing Teamwork Tester available now in Second Life on the Education Island.

The simulation is based on the following ideas:

*Observing a group of people performing a simple task that requires group effort, provides data allowing to draw conclusions on their teamwork abilities and attitudes (that is you will find if it's a group of quarrelling individuals or a team).

* Observations are important, but metrics is what validates conclusions. While subjects are working on the team task, each step is recorded and processed.

* At the end of the session you receive measurable results of the performance of the team as a whole, as well as metrics of a variety of characteristics of individual members. The results are saved in the database and are accessible via the web for review, analysis and comparison of different teams / team compositions.

"[A] Few months ago business looked at Second Life platform from a mostly public relations or marketing point of view," added Heiphetz. "Our work proves that it is a viable business training and educational tool."

Delta L Training is a division of AHG, Inc. that specialises in developing tools for training and education. Further information on Delta L Training and Teamwork Tester can be obtained by calling 814-867-3200 or visiting www.deltaLtraining.com.

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