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 End of 'one shape fits all' helmets

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Date posted: 24/09/2007

Most helmets and glasses-based systems are designed to fit European heads, making them uncomfortable for many Chinese.

The solution? A database of 3D scans of most common head sizes and shapes across races is being leveraged to help to provide a better fit.

"The back of the Chinese head is a bit flatter, and from the top they are rounder," said Johan Molenbroek from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, who advised on a project called SizeChina.

Roger Ball of the Asian Ergonomics Lab at Hong Kong Polytechnic University scanned more than 2000 adults from six Chinese cities and constructed models of the five most common head shapes. He hopes manufacturers will use them to tailor helmet designs, along with other head-worn devices, such as HMDs, and HUDs.

The database could also be used for more realistic recreation of racial differences in VR.

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