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 Quantapoint Releases QuantaCAD 7.5

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Date posted: 02/10/2007

(Press Release) QuantaCAD puts reality into your design software by enabling facilities digitised using laser scanning to be accessed as high-definition Laser Models and photo-realistic Laser Images.

By accessing the Digitised Facility in design software using QuantaCAD, clients have been able to decrease field trips by 90%, remodelling time by 85%, design time by 60% and design clashes by 85%.

The major new capabilities in QuantaCAD include:

* Integration with Autodesk AutoCAD, AVEVA PDMS, Intergraph PDS and Intergraph SmartPlant Review. A common, consistent interface is used across all design software to minimise training requirements.

* A toolbar in the design software to quickly access commonly used QuantaCAD commands.

* Graphical display of individual laser scan locations in the Laser Models in the design software.

* Group selections of the Laser Models in the design software that are parts of the facility being demolished.

* Clip and slice CAD models, Laser Models or both CAD models and Laser Models in the design software.

* View Laser Models in multiple selected view ports in Intergraph PDS.

Other QuantaCAD capabilities include:

* Display CAD models as solid or wireframe in the design software.

* View Laser Models with the CAD models in 3D in the design software, not as a background image or in a separate program.

* Point, distance and pipe measurements in the design software.

* QuickLoad? Laser Models around CAD models in the design software.

* Load Neighboring Laser Models in the design software.

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