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 US Penn State University visualises Cave applications

This story is from the category Total Immersion
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Date posted: 23/11/2007

The original CAVE VR set-up at at Penn State University, is receiving a makeover. Penn State's Information Technology department, and the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture have remade the facility together, developing applications that use this form of immersive, group VR, with the help of with the special software "BS Contact Stereo ", developed by Bitmanagement for stereoscopic rendition.

The two projects born under this partnership run under the designation of "The Immersive Environments Lab "(IEL), and "Immersive Construction Lab "(ICon). IEL could be roughly explained as "a virtual environment addressing the human senses", where designs can be studied for completely different ranges with special visualisation techniques, for example the 3D stereoscopic rendition.

ICon is focusing - apart from simplification the use of VR-technologies - on employment in development departments in the AEC industry, architecture, engineering and construction.

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