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 Engineers promise faster broadband

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Date posted: 07/03/2008

A team of engineers at Bangor University in the UK, working on the EU-funded Alpha project, have developed a device which promises Broadband at 100x the rate now experienced in the UK (current max is 24mbps) and costs 25% as much in strain on network infrastructure.

The machine uses the UK's existing telecommunications network - but channels the information more efficiently.

The Bangor team says it will be able to download 15 full-length Hollywood movies a minute, making broadband dramatically quicker and cheaper for consumers.

Dr Jianming Tang, of Bangor University's School of Electronic Engineering, hopes his efforts will revolutionise the communications industry.

He said: "The new larger and faster capacity networks would revolutionise home entertainment, delivering high speed HD films and television, high-power computer games and home video-conferencing facilities.

"This will make remote working far easier and could have many other applications such as supporting older people in their homes, enabling applications such as tele-medicine to flourish."

Dr Tang has just been awarded the Royal Society Brian Mercer Feasibility Prize as part of the Royal Society's 'fromlabstoriches' event.

He says once the prototype is complete it will look very much like a DVD player and sit between the broadband outlet and computer.

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