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 Free Real-Time Distributed Interactive Simulation 3D model Offered

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Date posted: 01/04/2008

(Press Release) Simthetiq Inc, 3d content provider for the simulation and serious game industry is releasing a free visual real-time 3d model, the Leopard C2A1 MEXAS, for all developers.

Simthetiq Inc. gives access to a real-time military 3d model to simulation and game developers. The product is available in MultiGen? Creator? OpenFlight?, Autodesk? 3ds Max? and Autodesk? Maya? format. The model is compliant with the World Reference Model Flight Entity Specification of the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) standard, and include features necessary in today?s game such as Normal Maps and Specular Maps.

Developing accurate photorealistic detailed 3d entities can be time consuming for developers to create from scratch. Simthetiq models are commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) models that are easy for developers to integrate into their applications.

"The goal is to get our product running in all major game and simulation engine to develop a "plug and play" model library for those platform." said Vincent Cloutier, CEO of Simthetiq.

See the full Story via external site: www.simthetiq.com

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