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 New Research to Open Neuro Frontiers

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Date posted: 05/10/2008

The US National Science Foundation (NSF) Office of Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation (EFRI) has issued a slew of grants to scientists to study human neurology, and its implications for the development of future technologies. It has awarded a total of $23,779,056 over four years to 54 investigators representing 20 institutions.

Interdisciplinary teams will pursue transformative, fundamental research in two areas of great promise: understanding the brain and how its abilities may be used through cognitive optimization and prediction; and developing ways to make complex, interdependent infrastructure systems more resilient and sustainable.

What researchers learn from the brain may open many new paths of discovery, in areas such as computing, robotics, medicine and education. Understanding how the brain moves the hand, for example, could illuminate entirely novel ways to help people who are paralyzed or use prosthetic limbs. Understanding how the brain visually recognizes objects will enable advances in artificial vision systems, robotic intelligence and more.

"These areas represent two exciting, emerging frontiers of engineering inquiry that can address important national needs and grand engineering challenges," says Sohi Rastegar, director of EFRI. "They will require an interdisciplinary approach to achieve a significant leap or paradigm shift in engineering knowledge."

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