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 Industry is "crap" at exploring new levels of interactivity - Monte Cristo CEO

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Date posted: 08/10/2008

The games business is too self-centred and obsessed with creating blockbuster titles, according to Jerome Gastaldi, CEO of Monte Cristo.

Developers and publishers are failing to take inspiration from advances in interactivity and business models that are currently helping the internet go from strength to strength, said the French developer.

"The fact is there is real real schism in the industry, I think that the next gen has really created such a dependence on huge, multi-million-dollar productions," said Gastaldi.

"But I think that the internet has so many possibilities, there is a whole new level of interactivity that we can be exploring. Honestly, as an industry, I think we're pretty crap at it ? look at the web, look at browser based games, look at social networking, there's an awful lot we can learn.

"I think that we in the games industry are a little bit self-centred about what we do; we have to open our eyes a bit and take influence from elsewhere," he added.

Monte Cristo is currently working on the simulation and MMO hybrid Cities XL, with the studio adopting multiple business practices inspired by the growth of the web.

"We looked a lot at Web 2.0, user created content and user interaction on the web, and we thought it would be cool to create a game that could start a community and can depend on and expand through the web as well as the game itself," detailed Gastaldi.

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