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 Myrl builds bridges between virtual worlds

This story is from the category World Specific Developments
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Date posted: 01/11/2008

Myrl is setting out to add a bit of 'joined up thinking' to virtual worlds, building a 'social gateway' that links competing worlds with the web, and with social networks.

Founder and chief executive Francesco D'Orazio, who has a PHD in new media and sociology from the University of Rome, describes the concept as 'outeroperability', and says the ultimate goal is to turn the series of different virtual environments into one integrated playground.

"We bring virtual worlds and their users together on the web. We are building a layer on top of each virtual world, with the ultimate goal of linking them up to create an integrated playground with endless possibilities and applications. One of these applications is gaming, that's why we think of Myrl as a cross-world entertainment platform. We just launched our first release, the 'social gateway' for virtual worlds. Future releases will focus on immersive-storytelling and gaming across different worlds and virtual goods trading."

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