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 Game graphics hit their limits

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Date posted: 23/08/2004

Finally, the inevitable has occurred. As we have achieved virtually 100% photo realism on CGI, a shift is taking place in the entertainment industry. No-longer is it possible, to just out-perform with better graphics, you now have to have content in your worlds too!

Game designer James Rubin told a conference of developers in London how in the past graphics had driven sales of titles. "What can we do to tennis now?" asked Mr Rubin. "How is better looking tennis going to get people to buy the game?"

Likewise, as games start to veer away from ever more detailed graphics to sell, and begin to innovate *gasp* to survive, it will not be long before the VR gameworlds - the MMOs - start to follow. Innovative MMOs, that will be a nice change.

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