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 Simmetrix Inc. Releases Simulation Modeling Suite 5.3

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Date posted: 25/08/2004

(Press Relese) Aug. 18, 2004? Simmetrix Inc., the leading provider of component software for simulation-based design and CAD/CAE integration, today announced the release of version 5.3 of the Simulation Modeling Suite. The CAD/CAE market has exhibited an increasing demand for simulation to validate performance early and often in the design process. Simmetrix understands this demand and has responded with its newest version of the Simulation Modeling Suite.

"We are very excited to announce the release of Simulation Modeling Suite 5.3 with the introduction of the XportSim module and enhancements to our existing modules," said Joe Walsh, Vice President of Business Development at Simmetrix. "The addition of the XportSim module allows Simmetrix to provide a comprehensive base for next generation simulation modeling applications with enhanced persistence of analysis attributes, direct geometry access with small feature removal, automatic meshing, CAE results management, and mapping results between meshes. Our OEM customers can now further the state-of-the-art of simulation modeling applications and Simulation-Based Design."

Simulation Modeling Suite 5.3 adds a new functional module to support creation of run-ready data (XportSim) along with e support of small feature removal and attribute persistence to support automatic regeneration of analysis models throughout complex design changes. The following highlights some of the enhanced capabilities offered by Simulation Modeling Suite 5.3:

ModelSim Enhancements

-- Enhanced support of Abstract Model definition and persistence for ACIS, Granite, and Parasolid via native attributes.

-- Added the ability to create an Abstract Model from an assembly hierarchy.

-- Enhanced Abstract Model to handle Component classes.

-- Extended Components definitions to support more than one component class.

-- Enhanced query of the Abstract Model.

-- Enhanced general attribute management functionality.

MeshSim Enhancements

-- Enhanced curved element meshing.

-- Enhanced Boundary Layer meshing.

-- Introduced meshing of generalized extrusions

-- Added ability to spatially locate elements in a mesh

-- Extended mesh quality metrics

XportSim Released

-- Provides the ability to export data from Simulation Modeling Suite as run-ready data based on the use of "pattern" files.

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