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 Computer Animation and Social Agents 2009

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Date posted: 03/06/2009

June 17th - 19th, 2009
Amsterdam, Netherlands

CASA is the leading international conference in the field of computer animation and social agents. CASA 2009 will provide great opportunities to interact with leading experts, share your own work, and educate yourself through exposure to the research of your peers from around the world. In addition, make friends and experience wonderful Amsterdam. The conference venue is located on one of the famous canals of Amsterdam.
We are seeking regular full papers, short papers, and posters with the following topics, but which are not limited to:

* Animation Techniques: Motion Control, Motion Capture and Retargeting, Path Planning, Physics based Animation, Image based Animation, Behavioral Animation, Artificial Life, Deformation, Facial Animation, Multi-Resolution and Multi-Scale Models, Knowledge-based Animation, Motion Synthesis;
* Social Agents: Social Agents and Avatars, Emotion and Personality, Virtual Humans, Autonomous Actors, AI based Animation, Social and Conversational Agents, Inter-Agent Communication, Social Behavior, Gesture Generation, Crowd Simulation;
* Other Related Topics: Animation Compression and Transmission, Semantics and Ontologies for Virtual Humans/Environments, Animation Analysis and Structuring, Anthropometric Virtual Human Models, Acquisition and Reconstruction of Animation Data, Level of Details, Semantic Representation of Motion and Animation, Medical Simulation, Cultural Heritage, Interaction for Virtual Humans, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Computer Games and Online Virtual Worlds.

All accepted full papers, about 35 of them, will be published, at the time of the conference, in a special issue of The Journal of Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds by Wiley. Short papers and posters will be published as CD or hardcopy proceedings with ISBN.

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