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 Planetwide games, inc. Sign deal to release ?Risk Your Life? for North America

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Date posted: 21/09/2004

(Press Release) Costa Mesa, California - March 22th, 2004 - Youxiland Digital Co., Ltd and Planetwide Games, Inc. today announced an exclusive agreement to publish and distribute Risk Your Life? to North America.

Youxiland Digital Co, Ltd is a publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment based in Taiwan, with offices and subsidiaries in countries throughout the world. In June 2003, Youxiland released a massively multiplayer online game, entitled Risk Your Life? in Taiwan. Since 2003, Risk Your Life? has been launched in Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and Mainland China. http://www.youxiland.com/english/english.htm

Planetwide Games, Inc. is an upstart online publisher who will market, host, and provide customer service for Risk Your Life?. www.planetwidegames.com

"We are VERY excited about releasing Risk Your Life? for the North American market. This game is very much above what you would expect in terms of quality for a MMORPG" said Mike Williams, CEO of Planetwide Games Inc.

Risk Your Life? is a next generation 3-D massively multiplayer online game where players immerse themselves into an interactive virtual fantasy world that will allow players to create their own character, build guilds, cast breath-taking spells, battle formidable monsters, and a multitude of other actions within the game. The game is built on the foundation of creating a tight online community that can share in the rewards of killing large boss-type monsters and forming bonds with fellow guild members. No longer do players have to face monotonous individual tasks but they can now interact with hundreds or thousands of other players from all over the world and undertake the adventure of a lifetime together.

RYL connects players from all around the world together to venture into quests, players can wage wars between camps, develop their own territory/camps, gather their own parties to engage in friendly relationships with the community. Experience the new generation of online interactive gameplay in a fabulous fantasy world.

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