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 Phone line alchemy: Copper into fiber

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Date posted: 11/10/2004

In the US, a new image of the phone companies is struggling to be born; a company that iss prompt, friendly and hands-on helpful.

Struggling to retain customers in the new broadband world, some of the american bells - massive telephone companies - are offering, for near-free, to turn home copper lines into home fibre-optic high speed lines.

At $34.95 a month, and with free installation, Verison is gambling on a huge scale that its investment will work, but with proven speeds in terabytes a sec via fibre, its a win-win one for customers.

"Without fiber, their customer base will evaporate," said Michael Render, president of Render, Vanderslice & Associates, a market research firm in Tulsa, Okla., that tracks fiber optic networks. "The world is changing too rapidly. Building fiber networks is a must-do."

Though the service is available now only in a few cities nationally, Verizon expects to make its fiber connections available to a million homes in parts of nine states by the end of the year.

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