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 Google Reinvents Search For Mobile Era

This story is from the category Artificial Intelligence
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Date posted: 08/12/2009

For all the computing power and new algorithms required to deliver relevant real-time search results, a capability announced at a media event on Monday, Google's most significant achievement may be thinking outside the box, specifically the keyword search box.

That's not to diminish the technical accomplishment behind measuring search result freshness in seconds rather than minutes. Speed is good for Google, as the company often acknowledges.

But the strides Google has made in voice recognition and image recognition promise to open new markets for the company and to change the way people search and interact.

Google on Monday announced:
1) the inclusion of real-time information in Google search results;
2) Google Goggles, an experimental image recognition system for Android 1.6+ devices by which users can submit search queries using snapshots of certain objects;
3) a "What's Nearby?" location-based search capability in Google Maps for mobile (version 3.3);
4) Japanese language support for the iPhone and Android voice search apps;
5) a plan to provide in-conversation voice translation across languages, starting in the first quarter of 2010.

More succinctly, Google is deepening its commitment to new modes of search: search by voice, search by location, and search by sight.

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