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 Once More, with Volume

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Date posted: 17/01/2005

Looking at the near future, it appears that VR interfaces are finally starting to advance beyond the old paradigms. University of Toronto researchers have created a system that frees 3-D graphics from the restraints of flat computer screens, or head-mounted displays, which restrict viewers? range of motion, obstruct peripheral vision, and cause discomfort.

A ?volumetric? display that lets multiple users view graphics from any ?angle without wearing headgear is the advancement. Sdly, it is not haptic, and so defies immersion that way. However, the researchers created a way for users to manually interact with their display, which is housed in a clear plastic dome.

Cameras track special rings worn by the users, who can select 3-D objects by pointing at them and drag them by moving their fingers across the display sphere.

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