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 Apple iPad sale ban case suspended for now in Shanghai

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Date posted: 25/02/2012

Apple can for now continue to sell the iPad tablet in Shanghai after a court ruling over naming rights was suspended on Thursday. Chinese firm Proview had called for the courts to prevent Apple - who it accuses of infringing its trademark - from selling the device in the city. A local court agreed to Apple's request to suspend the decision until a bigger case is heard later this month.

Apple insists it acquired worldwide rights for the iPad name in 2009.

Proview had requested that the court impose a provisional injunction to take the iPad off Shanghai's shelves - which would have included three of Apple's own stores. Proview claims the rights to the iPad name in the Chinese market after registering it back in 2000 - years before Apple released its tablet computer. The company is threatening to continue the battle in US courts.

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