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 Salt Lake City police join rush to adopt headcams

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Date posted: 19/11/2012

Video surveillance cameras that eye supermarkets, car parks and train stations are something many people are used to by now.

But one US police force is making the headlines for trying to take this a step further: clipping cameras on the side of all their officers' heads via glasses, helmets or hats.

They can record a crime scene or any interaction with the public, adding to the footage already produced by dashboard cameras in their cars.

On Wednesday a police chief in Salt Lake City, Utah, announced his intention to make wearable cameras mandatory at his police department.

But perhaps the development should not be such a surprise. In fact, wearable cameras have been used by officers for some time to document on-the-scene actions.

Supporters of the technology highlight the fact that they are made in such a way that officers cannot edit the footage, helping to ensure transparency.

However, there are concerns about privacy.

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