Nintendo faces 'path to irrelevance', says Atari founder
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Date posted: 07/09/2013
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Nintendo, whose latest console has sold poorly, could be on a "path to irrelevance", the founder of legendary games company Atari has said.

In an interview with the BBC, Nolan Bushnell said the Japanese firm was left in a "very difficult position".

Games analysts have drawn parallels between Atari's doomed Jaguar console in 1993 and the struggling Wii U.

"I don't think handheld game-only devices make sense anymore," he told the BBC. "Not when you have an iPod or an Android microtablet.

"When it comes to the console market, I think the market is truncating.

"Nintendo always had a soft spot for young people - they sort of did the 12-and-under pretty well, and the other guys did the 12-and-over.

"And now I think the other [consoles] are good enough on those things, and the rush to upgrade from the 12-and-under is not nearly as important."

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