US Navy releases 'stealth' e-reader for sailors
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Date posted: 13/05/2014
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The US Navy is to provide custom e-readers, dubbed the Navy eReader Device (NeRD), to some of its sailors.

For security reasons, they will have no ports, wi-fi or roaming data capabilities as these features could be exploited by the enemy.

Five devices will be distributed among each US Navy active submarine fleet.

A broad range of books will be available from classics to best-sellers.

"At this time only submarines will receive devices," explained Nellie Moffitt, manager of the Navy General Library Program.

"[There will be] five per submarine, with a total of 355 for the submarine force. Eventually, we will send NeRDs to all vessels in the active fleet - it will take time as each collection will be tailored for specific audiences," Ms Moffitt stated.

Traditional e-readers are not permitted on many Navy vessels as their GPS, wi-fi and roaming data features can give away their position to the enemy.

NeRD is said to overcome these issues thanks to its portability and lack of inputs and internet connectivity.

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