Open Source 3D Human Models
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Date posted: 07/06/2005
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On the 26th of May 2005, two companies (Zygote Media Group and e frontier) joined forces to give us a new model of open source distribution ? 3D avatars.

Two sets of models are included in the original release, each has both male, and female variants, including full anatomical correctness. These are freely available to be morphed, twisted, remapped, bent, or used in any conceivable way, commercial or not, without charge. All the companies ask is that a link back to the site and an attribution to the project the work was based on is included.

Bryan Brandenburg, CEO of Zygote Media Group commented: ?This is the first such effort in the 3D modelling community. We felt the time was right to offer high quality 3D human models with open source licensing. Users will be able to create figures for both personal and commercial use and even create royalty free derivative products. These high quality models will help engender a co-operative effort to expand access and innovation to 3D models and 3D animation.?

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