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VWN Printer Friendly News: DJI drones use plane avoidance tech

 DJI drones use plane avoidance tech
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Date posted: 28/02/2017
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The world's bestselling drone-maker has unveiled models that warn their operators when there is a risk posed by nearby aeroplanes or helicopters.

The M200 series use ADS-B (automatic dependent surveillance broadcast) receivers to detect broadcasts from nearby manned flights.

The transmissions allow users to see the position, altitude and velocity of surrounding aircraft so they can take evasive action if required.

"It's an extra safety measure and will help drone operators work in restricted airspace," explained Dave Black from the commercial drone services firm Blackwing Aerial.

"The way we tend to do this is to contact air traffic controllers before we fly, tell them where we are flying and then they contact us by phone if there's going to be any conflict.

"But in time, the authorities may well also want this kind of feature fitted as standard before they approve operations with larger drones."

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