Man accused over 3D-printed guns is sci-fi fan
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Date posted: 02/03/2017
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An Australian man accused of making guns with a 3D printer has been described in court as a sci-fi fan who let his hobby get "out of hand".

Police in Sydney found imitation weapons after searching the home of Sicen Sun, 27.

Mr Sun's solicitor said his client had a "fanboy relationship" with science fiction and police-themed TV programmes, according to ABC News.

He has been charged with offences relating to the making of firearms.

"Police located and seized four imitation pistols, including a 3D-manufactured small Glock, a 3D-manufactured Glock, a 3D-manufactured Sig 250, two air pistols, computer equipment, and two 3D printers," a New South Wales Police Force statement read.

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