New 3D Rendering Package from LightWork Design for Developers of Kitchen and Bathroom Software
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Date posted: 20/10/2005
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(Press Release) LightWork Design, supplier of rendering solutions for developers of 3D software,
has released a LightWorks solution designed specifically to meet the demands of the Configuration market place.

LightWork Design has created this new solution to provide application developers with a complete solution for integrating powerful, easy-to-use rendering and visualisation technology into their Configuration applications. By using LightWorks, these applications will meet the needs of the many kitchen, bedroom and bathroom designers as well as configuration and point-of-sale staff who use 3D software.

LightWork Design has been providing high-performance rendering tools to application developers since 1989. A reputation for providing well-engineered component software that is easy-to-use, reliable and flexible, has made the
Company the leading supplier of rendering solutions for 3D design applications. LightWorks is already used by many of the leading suppliers of configuration, kitchen design and bathroom design software including Planit, 20-20 Technologies and Configura.

The LightWorks solution contains all the rendering functionality required for Configuration applications, and provides customers with a number of benefits:

* LightWorks is unique in being designed to be integrated within the application, making applications that use LightWorks more efficient for sales staff to use;
* The Interactive Image Regeneration (IIR) technology in LightWorks means that when a material is changed the image can be updated extremely quickly, without having to re-render the whole image, helping sales staff to make a sale quickly;
* Includes a full range of rendering technology to fulfil the needs of application users during all stages of the design process: real-time hardware rendering, sketch rendering, IIR, advanced photorealism and 3D walkthroughs;
* Support for LWA-Enabled materials means application users can download real-world materials and other objects from, such as Benjamin Moore paints and RAL colours to increase the realism of rendered images and to help users make accurate design and styling choices.

LightWorks is a practical and cost-effective solution that gives developers of CAD applications fast and efficient access to leading-edge rendering technology, resulting in shorter development cycles, faster time-to-market for new products and product upgrades, lower software development costs, and increased revenues from their customer base.

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