Automated Calibration Method Developed for Optical Microscopes - and HMDs
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Date posted: 12/01/2006
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An automated calibration method, designed for optical microscopes, may find a home in head mounted display units and heads-up augmented reality systems.

"Ever since the development of the first applications in image-guided therapy (IGT), the use of head-mounted displays (HMDs) was considered an important extension of existing IGT technologies," scientists in Austria explained. "Several approaches to utilizing HMDs and modified medical devices for augmented reality (AR) visualization were implemented," including "video-see through systems, semitransparent mirrors, modified endoscopes, and modified operating microscopes."

"Common to all these devices is the fact that a precise calibration between the display and 3-dimensional coordinates in the patient's frame of reference is compulsory," noted M. Figl and colleagues at the Medical University of Vienna. "In optical see-through devices based on complex optical systems such as operating microscopes or operating binoculars," this procedure "can become increasingly difficult since precise camera calibration for every focus and zoom position is required."

In a paper published in the journal IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, Figl and collaborators presented a "method for fully automatic calibration of the operating binocular VariosCope M5 AR [Life Optics, Vienna] for the full range of zoom and focus settings available."

This automatic calibration method "is sufficient in terms of accuracy and time requirements for standard uses of optical see-through systems in a clinical environment," the researchers concluded.

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