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Date posted: 18/05/2004
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It has finally come of age, the virtual car. Slobber over it, rub your hands deep into the uphostery, leave drool smears on the dashboard. Have fun off all sorts with the car before you buy it, after all, its youur virtual Maybach. A cross between showroom CAD and flatscreen virtual reality, the Maybach car designer, brainchild of the DaimlerChrysler Corporation.

Prospective clients can walk in, and play with every aspect of the car, from choosing the colour scheme of the the 3D virtual model ? and watching how the light and shadows reflect off of those colours in a variety of virtual environments ? to actually taking a seat in the driver?s position, or tinkering with the gadgets on the back seats, all whilst they?re still rtinkering with options, changing and customising every aspect of their $360,000 car before its even built.

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