How to Build a Bionic Eye
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Date posted: 08/02/2008
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Long-term research has finally created a display system prototype no larger than a single contact lens, and fully biocompatible.

It?s not exactly powerful, and its barely functional at this time but the simple polymer lens, created by researchers at the University of Washington, is a first concrete step towards building a HMD/HUD display system you slip on as nothing more than contact lenses.

By incorporating metal circuitry and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) into a polymer-based lens, they have created a functional circuit that is biologically compatible with the eye.

The team created the electronic lens with two main purposes in mind. One of the goals was to see if it would be possible to build a heads-up display that could superimpose images onto a person's field of view, while still allowing her to see the real world.

Another possible application is to use the lens as a sensor that could monitor chemical levels in the body and notify the user if they indicate signs of disease. Although Parviz won't go into details about the specific sensors that his team is making, he explains that many indicators of health can be monitored from the surface of the eye. The live cells on the eye, he says, are in indirect contact with blood serum, which contains biomarkers for diseases.

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